Mirja Pulkkinen
Kumpukatu 4 C 23
70620 Kuopio
044 517 9231

sultsinan (at) msn.com

Maarit Mustonen
+358 44 274 7537

sultsinan (at) gmail.com

GIC Mambo Italiano Sultan Chan JW OSH b 24


Born 25.04.2009
dad: WW09 IC Otello D'Oltremare JW OSH b
mom: CH Al Manar Silver Moire OSH b 22
grandpa: WW 06,07 SC Michelangelo D'Oltremare OSH n 24


We are forever grateful for Andrea for letting us have this amazing boy! I know it must have been so hard for her! This boy doesnt only have the look, but the pedigree is amazing and he has the character to die for!!!!! Thank you Andrea for making our dream come true!

The new JUNIOR WINNER in Finland! Received the title in the first three show weekends!

SRK Cat of the Year Best Breeding Male 2012

The best youngster 2009 in kategory 4 in our cat club RUROK!

For now 10 x BIS