Mirja Pulkkinen
Kumpukatu 4 C 23
70620 Kuopio
044 517 9231
sultsinan (at) msn.com

Maarit Mustonen
+358 44 274 7537
sultsinan (at) gmail.com

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leevi2_esittely.jpgBreeders of Sultsinan are Mirja Pulkkinen and Maarit Mustonen. We breed orientals and siamese in a small scale. Our main goal is to breed healthy and beautiful cats with great character.

We breed under Fife and Cfa organisations.

Our crush in orientals happened immediately as we saw one. After that we couldn`t see anything else...we had to have a cat like that! Still, it was hard to find an oriental because black was THE colour for us. At that point oriental breeding was very small in Finland. Our first oriental black boy "Antti" came in -92. Our purpose was not to get a show cat but because of his breeder request, we took "Antti" in to one show and the rest you can all guess.

Later it was time to get a female. Our breeders name FIN*Sultsinan comes from the name of our first female, Selan Sultsina, and it was registered in FIFe -97. First Sultsina`s saw daylight in summer -98. Our cats live in two houses: females with Maarit, and studs and neuters with Mirja. Some of the cats have stolen the hearts of our friends and relatives, and they are living with them as a sited or co-owned. One thing that is really important for us is that the cats live with us as a family members. They are involved with every daily duties at home! There are no closed doors in our home and the cats can go where ever they please! They are all sleeping with us, also the studs! Believe it or not!