Mirja Pulkkinen
Kumpukatu 4 C 23
70620 Kuopio
044 517 9231
sultsinan (at) msn.com

Maarit Mustonen
+358 44 274 7537
sultsinan (at) gmail.com


All our cats are FeLV ja FIV negative, microsporum canis negative and A-bloodgroup

Sultsinan Jack-o-Lantern OSH d 03 24

Yo-Bro Shurima OSH a 24

If you are interested of our studs you can ask their studservice. We want to help other breeders also with their breeding work so we give some studservice from our males. We think every combination carefully before making them! 

All our males are living with us. They are allowed to go where ever they please in our home, no closed doors, no cages! They are also sleeping in our beds!